Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Gates Project 24: Final Edits

I've received a couple of queries as to where in the work process we are. In answer to those questions, we are in the finishing-it-up-an-turning-it-in phase. We will be submitting the report to the Gates Foundation at the end of this month.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Dear SaveDarfur.org: Let's Link

Dear SaveDarfur.org,

I am a member of Save Darfur and I am frustrated that few Americans are concerned about the crisis there. I think this is principally due to ignorance. To Americans, Darfur is a buzzword, a distant sound bite, an iconic tragedy, that is not fully real. How can you understand the lives of a group of people if you only see them for 30 seconds a day serving as a backdrop for a news anchor's "special report"?

I propose that we remove the media and make the connection between Americans and Darfuris direct. I propose that we replace the soundbite with a connection that lasts 24 hours a day. I propose a live voice and video link between Darfur and America.

yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyya 24-hour video link between the US and Darfur

Put a video screen in Time Square that shows Darfuris simple living their daily lives. At every moment Americans will know what is happening in Darfur. Put an equivalent screen in Darfur. Consider adding voice, even though language would be a problem, so that people can speak to each other and the project does not become voyeuristic.

Let the link develop a life of its own. Maybe people will be angry, or curious, or suspicious. Who knows? But it will mark a new phase in how we see human tragedies, not filtered through the media but directly human-to-human. The results could be amazing.


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