Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Gates Project 7: Why Do Organizations Choose e-Advocacy?

I am interested in having the input of non-profit organizations who use or would like to use e-advocacy techniques in promoting their cause. The goal is to identify the most powerful factors that enable and impede NGO's from adopting e-advocacy techniques and then decide which of these factors can be positively influenced by a foreign donor. So here's my question:

What factors lead NGOs to adopt e-advocacy tactics?

Which of the various enabling and impeding factors (cost of internet access, percentage of supporters that use the internet, limits on freedom of internet expression in your country, the presence of software developers that can create e-advocacy applications for NGO's, awareness of what technlogies are out there, etc) are most important in influencing whether or not your organization uses e-advocacy strategies?

I am interested in responses from all NGO's that use or would like to use e-advocacy techniques in promoting their cause. Of course, I am most interested in organization that operate in the global south.

Disclaimer: This blogging project is in no way affiliated with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It is the personal project of Mary Joyce. Mary is not an employee of and does not speak for the Gates Foundation. Mary is soley responsible for theis blog's content.

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