Friday, October 13, 2006

Gates Project 5: Intellectual Nesting Dolls of e-Advocacy

How do the different parts fit together?

The first body section of our report is an e-advocacy global overview. In order to rise above the level of anecdote ("they're doing this in Indonesia, this in Chile...") I need some kind of intellectual framework in which to fit all the disparate parts of e-advocacy. I see these parts as:

-personal hardware (ie cell phone, laptop, shared computer)
-application of hardware (ie SMS, video-sharing, IMing)
-broad advocacy strategy for which application is used (ie CRM, network-centric, hub)
-narrow tactic for which application is used (ie lobbying, mobilizing, fundraising)

My question is, how do these ideas "nest"? Which is the overarching idea of e-advocacy? I suppose advocacy strategy. But the other parts do not nest neatly inside. Tactics can be used for different strategies (SMS campaign through CRM by a large organization or SMS within a network). Hardware has many applications (especially the all-powerful computer). What's the best way to organize these different elements in my mind and on paper?

PS: Sorry for my gross over-sue of parentheses.

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