Thursday, October 12, 2006

Gates Project 4: Looking for Experts on Global South Telecomms Infrastructure

I need to learn more about global south telecomms infrastructure, both to analyse current success factors (what's working, what's not) and to be able to advise as to how telecomms will be evolving in the near term. How fast is internet penetration growing in these regions? What hardware is supporting internet and mobile connections? What what might be some big wins for infrastructure investment? These are the questions I need to ask.

Please alert me to telecomms experts that could explain to me the internet and mobile infrastructures of the global south regions:

Latin America:
Middle East/North Africa:
South East Asia:
South Asia:
Sub-Saharan Africa: Russell Southwood

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Mary -- ping me on skype; I want to get you in touch with some folks in the MobileActive Network with relevant expertise. Copying you as well on a ping on the list.
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