Saturday, July 01, 2006

Kuwait's Online Election

PoliticsOnline reports:
Kuwait's parliamentary elections [occurring the first week of July] mark a number of firsts: the first time women are able to vote and the first time that the Internet has played a role in a Kuwaiti election....This election was also the first in which the Internet was used as a campaign tool. One article attributed the popularity of the Internet to the heat, “the medium proves to suit Kuwait's summer, as temperatures approach 45C, so everyone stays indoors and taps away at their laptops.” more

The parliamentary elections already took place on June 29th.

Also, despite the obvious role the Internet and blogs have played in the Kuwaiti elections, the majority of people still did go out in the evenings to listen to candidates speak at their campaign sites.

It seems to me that people using the Internet for campaign purposes is a small percentage of the Kuwaiti population
Yet another win of the an islamic party. If the election are all are free and transparent as in Koweit, or Palestine. Islamic partys have a great chance to win. This fact make us think that islam is still the principle choice for islamic contries, and any other ideology have small chances to succeed.
Sorry for getting the dates wrong. My source was the International Foundation for Elections Election Guide ( which states that the elctions were on June 29, July 3, and July 5. I decided to cite the elections than had not already occurred
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