Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Publicizing the Free Alaa Blueprint

Free Alaa is still going, though slower. The number of people to visit the blog every day has dropped from a high point of 700 in the first few days to about 100, which I suppose is normal as people get distracted by other causes.

What I am wondering now (other than when Alaa will be freed) is how we can open this campaign up for others to reproduce. We have created one of the first international digital grassroots activism campaigns. I don't know exactly what role blogging had in bringing Alaa's case to the AP, Al Jazeera, and the Washington Post, but I'd like to believe that our internet buzz helped focus attention on his particular case and, by extention, on Egypt's ridiculous trampling of human rights.

I'd like other activists to be able to launch similar internet campaigns around their own causes - create a central website or blog, create badges, create an online petition, maybe use Google Adsense to promote the site. I am really ready to start systematizing Free Alaa, to create a central website that would be a resource for activists interested in ways to use the web to spread their message, attract supporters, and lobby the powerful.

We're building a house, but unless we make our blueprint public, we'll be the only kids in the neighborhood.

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