Friday, May 12, 2006

Election Blogging: Singapore Blog Censorship Effort Fails

Although Singapore tried to outlaw political blogging before its Parliamentary elections on May 6th, Singabloodypore noted today that this attempt had not succeeded.
So much for the ban on political blogging during elections. That was a great idea and an attempt at bluffing the public that completely failed. I am still waiting to be asked to register this site. Empty words being uttered in an attempt to put fear into bloggers that has monumentally failed.
According to an article from Channel NewsAsia quoted in the post,
During the nine-day election campaign, the number of blog articles on the subject grew nearly 10-fold compared to before Nomination Day, showing the online community's interest in Singapore's general election.

Observers have hailed this as the first election in which the Internet had an impact on Singapore's political culture.

With Singapore being one of the most plugged-in and Internet-savvy countries in the world, it was no surprise that the election was closely watched and discussed online.

One indication was that before Parliament was dissolved, the number of blog articles on the election numbered about 20 a day.

This number doubled to more than 40 after Parliament was dissolved in the run-up to Nomination Day, and it averaged over 190 during the nine-day election campaign.

The interest has not waned even after the results, with 195 blog articles posted daily since Polling Day.... read the whole article here.

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