Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Vote for the Demosphere Manifesto

I just came across a really cool site called, which is dedicated to supporting reasoned and thoughtful argument. To this end they post proposal of interesting ideas (manifestos) and then allow people to vote for them. If the manifesto receives a certain amount of votes, it will be posted permanently on the ChangeThis site for others to find and use.

I submitted a proposal for the Demosphere Manifesto, which is now available on the ChangeThis site. (The demophere is a global digital democracy network. It is a digital ecosystem of blogs, websites, and digital citizens who want to empower local democracy movements around the world.)

The proposal needs 300 votes by May 25th. To vote for the proposal, click here and then click the "Yes, write this manifesto button"


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I voted.

I was happy to join in. sw
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