Saturday, April 29, 2006

Going on Another Democra-cation

I know, my life is tough - yet another "democra-cation." However, this time I don't use the neologism facetiously. I really will be learning about democracy on this vacation - or rather, I'll be learning about citizen media. I will be in London all week attending the We Media Global Forum in London. According to the organizers, it will be "no ordinary conference, We Media is about how we create a better-informed society by collaborating with one another." It had better be, because it set the Bank of Mom & Dad back $800 clams.

I won't be blogging the conference, even though they expect us all to be wired. (I don't want to miss something because my head in buried in my laptop.) However, the tag for the conference is "wemedia," so if you are interested in others who are blogging it or in seeing pictures, use that tag in Technorati or Flickr.

Back in a week, M

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