Friday, April 14, 2006's first press coverage

If you have read the banner at the top of this page, you know that this is the official blog of, a site dedicated to promoting digital democracy in the developing world. Today, Demologue received its first MSM (mainstream media) press coverage. It was featured on a review of blogs on the French radio station Europe1. If you understand French, you can listen to the broadcast here. Here's a nice (translated) quote:

Yes, we call them "democracy" blogs. They are created by internet users in countries that are not quite democracies. These bloggers know each other through the internet and create their network to publish and support democratic ideas. is a digital democracy site. One finds there a directory of bloggers working for the advancement of democracy in their countries. They are either declared members of the opposition or clandestine dissidents. They are from the four corners of the earth and on all continents....

I guess I could complain that this report is inaccurate because democracy bloggers are not actually connected to one another and there in not yet a network of democracy bloggers (hence the creation the Demosphere Manifesto). Nevertheless, I can't complain too much. We bloggers may criticize the MSM, but all we really want is to be loved.

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