Thursday, April 06, 2006

Democracy Blog: Digital Political Activism in Morocco

(This blog post was orginally posted in Arabic on the blog Bla Fransya and was translated into English by me. Any errors or awkwardness are completely my fault. Hat-tip to Global Voices for introducing me to this post)

Has the Time Arrived for Moroccan Political Blogs?

Arabic blogs have been developing in Morocco for some time, so that I am now quite optimistic about their future and I anticipate (God willing) that they will experience a leap in quality due to the coming elections, as happened in other nations (from America to Iran and Egypt). Here are some reasons why:

1st: Arabic is the language of political discourse in Morocco and is especially popular (thank God).

2nd: Telecommunication technology (web sites and blogs and even text messaging) became an effective & economic means of communication with the audience and as a means of mobilizing activists wherever they happened to be.

3rd: The spread of internet use, especially among urban youth and the beginning of its entry into the home.

But the success of the political internet movement depends on the extent to which political parties and urban associations are conscious of the importance of this medium and the extent of their ability to attract activists knowledgeable about this technology.

The arrival of blog-savvy political parties appeared on the blog of M.S. Hjiouj where the activists of the Youth and Development Party presented the announcement of their new party.

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Thank you for your interest in my blog. I was flattered to see my post quoted and translated in to a foreign language ;-) I am also impressed with your knowledge of Arabic which is a not an easy language.
Mary (demoblogger)

I hope you continue visiting my blog- at aleast to practice your arabic ;-) I will check yours from time to time.
I am so impressed you speak Arabic and Spanish. I don't. Maybe some day.

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congratulations for the post! i didnt notice how fast time past while i was reasing it..
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