Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Dear Democracy in Action,

Greetings. I recently came across your website and I think your organization is amazing. I agree whole-heartedly with your goal to "make online advocacy tools accessible to all nonprofits in order to strengthen civil society by enabling people to connect, communicate, take action, and organize in a manner that is consistent with the highest principles of democracy."

However, I wonder if the fees you are asking for your tools, reasonable though they are, may be prohibitively high for non-profits in the developing world. To take an example from the country in which I live, few NGO's in Morocco's vibrant civil society sector have annual budgets of over $500 dollars. Have you ever considered enlarging your graduated pay scale to include even lower prices for organizations in developing countries with extremely small budgets?

Very Best,

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The nice thing about open source software is that you can install and run it youself. Not that this helps much if you don't have those skills ;)

DIA is a java based application and CivicSpace/CiviCRM ( is a PHP based application that does similar things. Both are open source, I couldn't find DIA's download page (its somewhere in, but you can download CiviCRM by going to and clicking on the download link to the right.

I'm sure either group would love to support an organization that would be willing to install the software to serve the developing world.

Not sure about DIA, but CiviCRM is strongly internationalized and localized, so people can use it in their native language.

David Geilhufe
(part of the CiviCRM team)
Small initiative, big impact.
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