Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Add your Signature to the Demosphere Manifesto

In March, I first introduced the Demosphere Manifesto, a proposal to create an international digital democracy network. Here is a brief summary:

The demosphere would be a digital ecosystem of blogs, websites, and digital citizens who want to empower local democracy movements around the world. The demosphere would connect digital citizens to local movements through tech-savvy "bridge activists" in different countries. Bridge activists would link the knowledge and political experience available on the internet to local activists working on the ground. Using the internet, bridge activists in different countries could connect and learn from one another. These peer-to-peer networks would facilitate a cross-pollination of democracy-building strategies and techniques from country to country. Greater knowledge leads to more productive action which speeds the pace of democratization around the world.

I and my co-author, Paramendra Bhagat, wanted the manifesto itself to be democratic, so we put it on a wiki so people could edit it and make changes. Now it is even more participative. You can "sign" the manifesto digitally on the Demologue.com website (in French or English). Come by, take a read, and then add your signature to show your support. This could be the start of something big.

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