Sunday, March 26, 2006

Democracy Blog: A Great Kenyan Rant

Ory Okolloh, the writer of Kenyan Pundit, is incredibly perceptive and also incredibly witty, which makes her blog great fun to read. Take a look at her curreent post on the Kenyan Parliament:

I’m not sure how else to characterize the current Parliament. No wonder we have such an escapist President…who would want to deal with such imbeciles? Oh gosh, I guess I was about due for a rant.

Here we go… So Parliament resumed yesterday. And it didn’t take long for the tragedy that is Kenyan politics to manifest itself in all its glory. Where do we start?

“Parliament got off to a stormy start that saw the Opposition pull out of the most important committee of the House at the end of a bitter dispute on Wednesday."

Which means we have to spend the rest of the year listening to the Opposition whining about being left out of the decision-making process and threatening to shut down government business. read more >

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