Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ukraine: Absentee Balloting

by Leopolis (Washington DC, USA)
originally posted 7/2/06 in English

The Ukrainian Central Elections Commission is tightening absentee ballot terms for fear of abuses in the March 26 parliament elections. Special stamps will be put in passports of people who choose absentee ballot, Commission Chairman Yaroslav Davydovich told personnel of district election commissions on Tuesday. “In so doing we will prevent absentee ballot abuses of the kind that occurred during the 2004 presidential elections. Absentee ballot terms will be tight, so we will not have any problems,” he said. The Ukraine printing house based in Kiev will print 740,000 absentee ballot papers, which makes 2% of all voters, Davydovich said. “Absentee ballot papers will be timely supplied to all election commissions, and there will be no falsifications in their use,” he said. Repeated voting with one and the same absentee ballot paper was named as one of main reasons for falsifications in the Ukrainian presidential elections [ITAR-TASS news service]

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