Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kenya: Call for a New Political Generation

by You Missed This (Kenya)
originally posted 7/2/06 in English

Right from day one, we in this blog have believed very strongly that the time has come to pass on the baton to a new generation of Kenyans. We have made it no secret that one of the main objectives of this blog is to campaign for such an eventuality. We believe that it is the only way our country can be saved.

We have relied heavily on the experienced older politicians for too long and look where it has taken us? On Thursday I will officially announce this blog’s choive for President in 2007. Don’t miss it.

Meanwhile there seems to be a huge number of persons, countrywide who hold the same view as we do. Below find an interesting email that has been circulating amongst Kenyans in recent times.

I have reproduced it here. Maybe we should hire the guy to write for this blog - if we can find him or her. In my expert opinion this is excellent writing displaying a very deep understanding of the country (more so for somebody under 45). I do not agree with everything that has been written here - one or two comments seem malicious but I agree with 95% of what has been said here, so I have reproduced the letter exactly as it is, without omitting anything. Enjoy…

Young Kenyans Arise!

Are you below the age of 45 years?

Then you are young!

Do you love your country Kenya? Do you think you have a stake in the happenings in the country Kenya? Does the future of our beloved country mean anything to you?

Think for a moment: if you are 45 and below - to reach Mwai’s age you have at least 30 more years to live! Do you want the group that calls itself leaders in this country to chart your future for you? Or do you want to be part of the change that is necessary to build this country?

Let us sample a few: this is not about tribal chiefs and their kingdoms - for our progressive future requires that we grow up and shed the tribal and regional glasses and think as a nation and tap on our potential. While at the same time appreciating our diversity, which must be celebrated as opposed to being used to divide us. more...

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