Monday, February 27, 2006

Citizen Journalists are "Watching" for Democracy

I'd like to begin with a piece from WorldChanging, which is committed to cross-pollinating great ideas from diverse fields of study to fuel innovations that will benefit of humankind. (not bad for a premise, eh?) This piece focuses on the the "Blair Watch Project," (clever title!). According to WorldChanging,

The Blair Watch Project is an effort, coordinated by the UK newspaper The Guardian, to keep tabs on the UK's Prime Minister Tony Blair as he goes about campaigning around the country. The project was prompted by the Labour party's decision to limit Blair's media exposure on the trail; now it looks like he'll be covered by more cameras than ever.

The Guardian is using photo sharing site to collect the photos, many of which will be taken using cell phone cameras.

I am wondering, could the Blair Watch Project work in the "developing" world? Citizen journalism has the ability to step in and provide meaningful content in countries where the MSM (mainstream media) can't or won't provide accurate and unbiased coverage of political news. Please comment if you know of any citizen journalism projects in "developing" countries.

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